Positive Reinforcement is widely recognised by dog training experts as the best and kindest way how to train puppy.

It is good for puppies training and good for you as a loving and caring puppy owner determined to cement the foundations of a great relationship with your canine companion.

What is Positive Reinforcement?

It is simple. Positive Reinforcement means rewarding the good behaviour you want from your puppy and paying no attention to the behaviour you do not want – from stopping a puppy biting to potty train dog.

Why is Positive Reinforcement the best way how to train puppy?

  • Both you and your dog will thoroughly enjoy her training experience.
  • This training method encourages you to build up a lifelong trusting relationship with your dog.
  • When your puppy has fun learning, she will easily remember what you have taught her
  • No force or coercion is necessary to get the results you want in puppies training
  • Your puppy gets to use her own brain to work out what you want so she is never bored

Consistency is key for how to train a puppy

In order for positive reinforcement to work optimally, you must be consistent. You cannot reward good behaviour too infrequently or too randomly or your puppy will have no association between her behaviour and your reaction. You will simply confuse your dog and frustrate yourself.

Puppy training takes focus and effort on your part, especially when your puppy is very new. This is the time when your dog is looking to you to learn the rules and the time you put into training your youngster will stand you and her in good stead for the rest of her life. You may find it valuable to learn to crate train puppy at this point in time.

Positive Reinforcement training must be relevant (to your puppy)

Offhand, half hearted rewards like an absentminded pat on the head are not going to cut it with your puppy. A verbal or physical display of genuine affection or a tasty food treat are what your puppy will respond to best.

These rewards are significant and you can rely on your puppy to respond well to them. Not so different from a human, really!

You have to get your timing right for how to train a puppy

Your puppy must be able to clearly associate her behaviour with your reward so that she connects what she has done to her treat and your happiness. Timing is of the utmost importance in how to train puppy.

Some people find that using a “clicker” helps to give their puppy the immediate association reaction and follow the “click” up with a treat or affection.

If you leave it too late to praise or give a treat your pup will not learn.

Positive Reinforcement training done consistently from the outset will make your dog a pleasure to live with and to handle both at home and in public.

A well trained dog is a happy and valued member of your family.

Learn more about how to train puppy using Positive Reinforcement.

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Rosie, my blue heeler cross border collie turned 14 in January, but you would not know it.


Yesterday she scored a home visit by the dog clipper lady and got her summer tick clip, a bit late in the season but it’s been quite a cool November and December on and off in Australia and as Rosie is an old but sprightly dog, I left it a bit later.


Plenty of brown ticks around till end of March around here and they are vicious.


Because we spent a lot of time with Rosie when she was young, her puppies training went very smoothly and she learnt to be calm when handled by goodwilled strangers such as dog wash and dog clip ladies.


Though her breed makes her more amenable and Rosie was an easy subject, how to train puppy has to involve being respectful of trustworthy strangers and confident when being handled.


You cannot start too early to introduce into puppies training the practice of being around strange people of all ages dogs, cats and other potential companions.


The dog clip lady said that Rosie had definitely dropped several dress sizes after her haircut and certainly my dog looked pleased. After the dog clip she was bouncing around like a newly shorn sheep to the disgust of my 8 year old Dobe, who cannot bear for anyone else to be the centre of attention.


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Do you use chicken jerky products to reward your dog in puppies training?

Well maybe you shouldn’t. Certainly do not feed such “treats” as a replacement for your dog’s daily dinner.

I just read this article from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA that links chicken jerky products to serious, life threatening illness in dogs.

Outside the USA, we cannot be smug. The University of Sydney is investigating an association between dog illness and the consumption of chicken jerky products manufactured in China.

The illnesses are severe and medium to long term,- some dogs have died.

Here we are, as concerned and caring dog owners, agonising over correct puppies training and treatment and feeding and some of the products we rely on seem to be killing our beloved pets.  It stinks.

Read more about this worrying situation at the FDA.


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Recently, I stumbled over an excellent new resource for dog lovers everywhere.

It addresses a topic we all worry about , but many of us have a less than perfect understanding of, but we cannot progress with how to train puppy if we do not take care of this vital aspect of our dog’s life.

When our puppy is a bit off colour we tend to hope for the best with fingers crossed and use a bit of gut instinct to treat the problem. When she doesn’t improve, we go straight for the vet – which may of course be a necessary step, but it is always expensive and often inconvenient. Why when there are 7 days in the week, is it so often a Sunday when we feel the need to take a sick pet to the vet?

This new resource I’ve found will mean an end to guesswork and holding your breath as far as puppy health goes. You will learn how to maintain excellent doggy health and how to recognise conditions that require professional treatment as opposed to those that can be treated by you at home.

Dog lover Sam Michael has recently published The Ultimate Guide to a Super Healthy Dog. It covers in detail 35 proven ways to have a dog that is bright and healthy every single day of it’s life.

Sam has written his comprehensive guide in 2 parts.

Part I covers 20 essential generic chapters for general health issues to protect your dog from diseases just by you doing the right thing in daily dog’s activity.

Part 1 of The Ultimate Guide to a Super Healthy Dog includes

  • How to select a proper diet for your dog
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements
  • First steps in grooming, clipping and bathing your pet

Part II covers specific dogs’ diseases. You will find out about (amongst many other things)

  • Canine Distemper
  • Hip dysphasia and what breeds are most prone to it
  • How to Give Your Pet CPR

The Ultimate Guide to a Super Healthy Dog is well worth checking out if you are serious about the health of your dog.

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10 week old Doberman puppy learning to focus and communicate. www.canineservices.com for FAQ’s

Duration : 0:2:27

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Learn basic information, tips and techniques that will help you teach your boxer puppy (or any puppy) it’s name in this video.

Duration : 0:2:34

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Topical, interesting and useful articles on all aspects of living with your dog. These are the most recent articles available on puppies training and all related doggy subjects.

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Tips on how to stop your puppy’s tendency to mouth or bite humans in this expert video featuring a professional dog trainer.

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How Can You Train Your Puppy Not to Bark?

Why do dogs bark?

Any dog could be expected to bark when

  • Bored
  • Lonely
  • Hungry and expecting dinner soon
  • Wanting to play
  • Needing to relieve herself
  • Signalling the arrival of a stranger; human or animal

Why do some dogs bark more than others?

Some dogs have been bred to be silent and watchful, others to give voice as part of their job. If you want a quiet dog, you need to avoid the working dog breeds and crossbreeds because they are instinctively prone to give voice as a routine part of their nature.

How to train puppy out of manipulating you with her voice

Like anyone in your life, your puppy will manipulate you if you allow it to happen and some pups use their voice as a means of manipulation so how to train puppy becomes how to train human.

If your dog does not respect your leadership of her pack, you may be the victim of demanding nuisance barking.

Demanding to play, expecting to be let in or out and wanting more attention are all the types of nuisance barking that you have to ignore.

Not just passively ignore, but actively show with dismissive body language that barking at you is not going to get your puppy what she wants, no matter how long she keeps at it – and believe me, she can keep at it for a long time if she has had a history of success with this strategy.

How to train a puppy out of overexcited barking

First, give your pup the chance to bark for minutes or so– she just might need to have a bit of a woof. If she doesn’t calm down of her own accord, put your hand around her muzzle firmly but gently. When she’s calm and still, keep holding on for a few seconds, then let her muzzle go and praise her. A closed mouth cannot bark and your puppy will recognise your authority over her.

For more quality information on how to train puppy, check out the highly regarded Secrets to Dog Training program.

how to train puppy

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How Can You Train a Puppy out of Disobedient Behavior?


What is Disobedient Behavior?

You must not confuse puppy disobedience with lack of understanding. If your dog does not understand what you want, you just need to train more patiently and slowly and simply.

Puppy disobedience is characterised by your puppy ignoring your commands or taking her own good time about getting round to listening to you.

Either way, how to train puppy means you have to be “alpha dog” in your puppy obedience training. Your puppy has to learn and stick to her place, or you will never have her respect or a happy and harmonious relationship.

How to train a puppy out of dog disobedience can feel quite strange and uncomfortable; you may think it “cruel” or uncaring, but unless you show your pup that you are more important in the family than she is, look out – you are going to be used and ignored by your puppy.

Your dog will actually be much happier knowing exactly what her boundaries are and you will have no more frustration or confusion with how to train puppy using puppy obedience training if you follow a few simple rules.

Puppy obedience training means teaching your dog to respect you. Disobedience means disrespect and the problem will never fix itself.

Simple rules for how to train puppy out of disobedient behavior

Establish your alpha position re puppy obedience training:

  • Your whole family must eat before and preferably in front of your puppy. No matter how cute and hungry that dog looks, you have to eat up first. Waiting an hour or so is not going to hurt your puppy at all.

  • When you feed your pup, make her sit and wait for your command to begin eating. You may even interrupt her eating and make her sit halfway through her meal, especially if she tends to guzzle her food.

  • Always leave the house or car in front of your puppy. The one in front is the alpha figure – that has to be you. Make your pup wait for you – this tells your puppy clearly that you are stronger member of the family pack; the decision maker, her leader. The one who must be obeyed.

  • Restrict your puppy’s access to your house and ban her from some areas and furniture. Being in your house is a puppy privilege, not a right. Send her outside from time to time.

  • When your puppy insists on your attention, ignore her or deliberately do something else so she can see that her insistence is rejected. You must initiate play, not your dog.

  • Especially when you return home, make sure you do not make your puppy the first thing you give attention to. If your dog is used to you rushing straight up to shower her with affection and attention, you will get some initial doggy protests that you are going to have to ignore in order to re-establish your alpha position.

As well as establishing your alpha position with your puppy, you need to spend some time each day doing dedicated puppy obedience training with your pet.How to train puppy properly may take as little as 15-20 minutes a day when you use the right methods.

The most reputable and comprehensive dog and puppies training prgram available on the net is Secrets to Dog Training, formerly SitStayFetch. These guys really know their stuff when it comes to puppies training and correcting bad habits that can drive you wild.

Apart from their full training and obedience program (great value at $37), the guys at Secrets to Dog Training have put out an excellent free resource in this 6 day mini course. Fill in your details to download your free puppies training mini course right now.



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