How to Train Puppy: Barking


How Can You Train Your Puppy Not to Bark?

Why do dogs bark?

Any dog could be expected to bark when

  • Bored
  • Lonely
  • Hungry and expecting dinner soon
  • Wanting to play
  • Needing to relieve herself
  • Signalling the arrival of a stranger; human or animal

Why do some dogs bark more than others?

Some dogs have been bred to be silent and watchful, others to give voice as part of their job. If you want a quiet dog, you need to avoid the working dog breeds and crossbreeds because they are instinctively prone to give voice as a routine part of their nature.

How to train puppy out of manipulating you with her voice

Like anyone in your life, your puppy will manipulate you if you allow it to happen and some pups use their voice as a means of manipulation so how to train puppy becomes how to train human.

If your dog does not respect your leadership of her pack, you may be the victim of demanding nuisance barking.

Demanding to play, expecting to be let in or out and wanting more attention are all the types of nuisance barking that you have to ignore.

Not just passively ignore, but actively show with dismissive body language that barking at you is not going to get your puppy what she wants, no matter how long she keeps at it – and believe me, she can keep at it for a long time if she has had a history of success with this strategy.

How to train a puppy out of overexcited barking

First, give your pup the chance to bark for minutes or so– she just might need to have a bit of a woof. If she doesn’t calm down of her own accord, put your hand around her muzzle firmly but gently. When she’s calm and still, keep holding on for a few seconds, then let her muzzle go and praise her. A closed mouth cannot bark and your puppy will recognise your authority over her.

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how to train puppy

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