10 week old Doberman puppy learning to focus and communicate. www.canineservices.com for FAQ’s

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[youtube CMMgdrmTaPI]

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  1. 1 shezor
    2008 Dec 10

    I have seen this …
    I have seen this Doberman as an adult.I went to David’s house for help with my Dobie.His Dobie and his GSD,were both with us,off leash, so my dog would have distractions. His played like pups & when it was time for them to work(he did a demo),they were happy to do so & did not need a clicker/treat.They watched him at all times.They are not robots nor do they cower in fear.He helped me and my Dobie in one session. I will hire him in the soon for new issues.

  2. 2 19Steve47
    2008 Dec 10

    Hi, You should read …
    Hi, You should read the book “Someone For Scruffy” by Steven E. Farley. Book is for children on what to do and not to do with there new puppy. Great childrens book

  3. 3 omfgolo
    2008 Dec 10

    hey, we just got a …
    hey, we just got a puppy and i wonderd how do i lern it how to bark on command? The dog is realy my parents, a beautiful vizla (though I like doberman better)

  4. 4 harrisd1dog
    2008 Dec 10

    Thank you. She …
    Thank you. She grew up to be an exceptional dog and is now working towards some working titles.

  5. 5 doggiedogblog
    2008 Dec 10

    Never underestimate …
    Never underestimate the power of procrastination. Anything is impossible if you put it off for long enough.

  6. 6 graykin22
    2008 Dec 10

    What, one can do …
    What, one can do that, implant the chip but forget to register?! Wow….

  7. 7 doggiedogblog
    2008 Dec 10

    Chipped and tattoed …
    Chipped and tattoed is the best way to fly. Not all Shelters have chips. And be sure to register you chip. I recently found a er Spanial, scanned his chip, but this owner had not registered the chip so I had no way of finding his owner.

  8. 8 graykin22
    2008 Dec 10

    What if they get …
    What if they get lost w/ no collar? Are they microchipped?

  9. 9 cshellzy
    2008 Dec 10

    Our hearts still …
    Our hearts still break for her.
    The point i was trying to make, obviously not successfully, was that training needs to be done in a majority of ways and clicker & command training don’t help in noisy situations.
    I was trying to point out to those who have never had a dog that there are tools to training but that hand signals are (in my opinion) the way to be able to control a dog from distance.
    Our hearing dogs are taught this way, also sniffer dogs.
    Please dont be offended by my comments.

  10. 10 doggiedogblog
    2008 Dec 10

    Cshellzy, I don’t …
    Cshellzy, I don’t find your comments objectionable. They are just wrong. I feel sorry that your dog was harmed because of bad training. But, it was the application, not the method. This video you commented on is only the start of a training program. I agree that a clicker and a cookie will not get you a reliable recall under distraction. You are preaching to the choir. I am a believer of balanced training methods.

  11. 11 cshellzy
    2008 Dec 10

    Harris you …
    Harris you obviously find my comments objectionable.
    I am entitled to my opinion.
    I have experienced my dog escaping after a rabbit when she was a pup, across a busy country road, the clicker or shouting “down” did no good then, she was run over.
    Luckily she survived but her injuries to her back end bothered her in later life
    I have no video’s to back up the hand signal methods and unfortunately i have no Doby now either, she died in Nov of a pulminary embolism.

  12. 12 doggiedogblog
    2008 Dec 10

    Cshelzy, I know you …
    Cshelzy, I know you mean well, but your talking utter nonsense. Using a clicker is just one small part of a training technique. It is only a start and not an end. It helps young dogs and certain dogs with problems to learn faster. Much more work needs done to make sure the dogs work consistent and reliably. But, there is no harm in clicker training and it’s fun for both the dog and the owner. Post a video of your ten week old pup working this well for us to see.

  13. 13 doggiedogblog
    2008 Dec 10

    You have pretty …
    You have pretty strong opinions. Lets see some video of your dog working to back up your talk. I have posted dozens of video’s of dogs I have trained. Send us a link or make a video response to back up your opinion.

  14. 14 jorgeapariciosuarez
    2008 Dec 10

    how do u teach the …
    how do u teach the dog how to speak or bark

  15. 15 mjorge20
    2008 Dec 10

    before i forget .. …
    before i forget .. i also have a mini pinscher he is 8 years old .

  16. 16 mjorge20
    2008 Dec 10

    and she has been …
    and she has been training dog for 9 years and she is only 24, she has never use leash corrections with her dogs, she has three dogs of wich 2 have achived MOCH titles in obedience. in less thatn two years, and i have a golden retriever who is 1 years old and she is a service dog in training as well as a therapy dog, and we have a UDX ( utility dog exellence) title.

  17. 17 mjorge20
    2008 Dec 10

    they dont punish …
    they dont punish the dog for not getting a sit right or for not comming when called, they work on it more until the sog learns that comming is the best possible choice. punishment always inhibits behaviors, long term the dog will learn to not try anything on his own because he will get punish for it. i think is interesting to disscuss in this subject i hope you reply. by the way i am a dog trainer, iave been training dog for 4 years now, one of my best friends is also a trainer.

  18. 18 mjorge20
    2008 Dec 10

    whoa that was fast. …
    whoa that was fast. hehe well i think that is a good example however, i think that if it was a dog or a child who was getting burn, i think that he should not have been let run around to get burned, i think that if there if there is an understanding beteewn the trainer and the trainee the trainee will trust anything that the trainer says, moreover, do you think that servcice dog trainers go nd say ‘ oh let the dog do that so that it will learn ‘ of cours not! they are ther every step of the way

  19. 19 doggiedogblog
    2008 Dec 10

    Well your entitled …
    Well your entitled to your opinion. That is what makes the world go round. But, there is always a bigger treat. Dogs that have no fear of or avoidence of distractions live in constant danger. Same with children and people. You must be afaid of red to avoid being burned. How do you learn to fear red? You get burned. Simple as that. People and dogs learn from corrections. They do not crawl up in a ball and die.

  20. 20 mjorge20
    2008 Dec 10

    obiously you havent …
    obiously you havent seen a well clicker trained dog yet. they are always smiling and they are so attentive to their owners. they would never run away into a rd, they would feel so offended if you even use a leash correction, they trust you, but once you loose their trust buy using force .. trust is only given once if you loose its very hard to get it back.

  21. 21 mjorge20
    2008 Dec 10

    fir that person who …
    fir that person who said to only use hand signals if the dog is runnign away from you and you give it a hand signal the dogs wont see it and will still get run over. for the person who said that they are starting some leash work now that the dog is clicker trained are not using positive reinforment, positive reinfo. mean using all rewards no punishment. dont use the clicker if you dont know how to do chain behaviors or the dog will make its own like sit laydonw and bark..

  22. 22 cshellzy
    2008 Dec 10

    I agree about being …
    I agree about being able to leave your Doby with a child over some humans..
    Please dont use a clicker though, train your dog through hand signals only, if it escapes across a busy rd & there is heavy traffic coming back, how are you gonna get your dog to sit & stay? it wont hear a clicker…

  23. 23 cshellzy
    2008 Dec 10

    I mean deaf dogs …
    I mean deaf dogs aren’t trained with a clicker are they! Think about it!

  24. 24 cshellzy
    2008 Dec 10

    I totally agree!

    I totally agree!
    Notice how half way through he says sit, when its layed down, and the dog looks bored then jumps up and barks, then he treats it…He clicks too much….
    Dobys need to learn through discipline, understanding & love..Dogs need to be taught in silence through hand signals only, so if they are across a busy rd (from escaping) your habd signal will tell em , DOWN & STAY. that way the dog might stay alive..

  25. 25 shezor
    2008 Dec 10

    You are an awesome …
    You are an awesome trainer. I’m going to your web site to email you for advice if that is ok. I have a 8 month old stong willed Doberman. He is a sweetie pie but very, very hard headed. I wish I could learn and had the patience to do what you do.

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